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"Mycah has been amazing in working with me. She always knows how to provide useful feedback without adding any judgement or telling me how to live my life. I leave sessions with her feeling energized and with a better perspective on my feelings and my life."

- B.R.

"Mycah has really made a difference in my daughters life and mental health care.

So incredibly thankful we found her."

- V.C.

"Mycah is great - every time I meet with her, it's a great balance of getting her perspective on the concerns and events of my life and her giving me the support that I need. I always look forward to our discussions, even when I know she's going to tell me the hard truths I need to hear."

- S.T.

"Mycah is extremely supportive. She is understanding and patient with what I’m going through, while also providing me with further insight and thus understanding. She has been a voice of reason and truly makes me feel validated when others in my personal life have not.


I would strongly recommend Mycah to anyone going through a grieving process, anyone struggling with traumas, or if you are struggling with understanding someone in your life better. She is helping me better understand someone important to me who has an addiction history and trauma history. She is quick to respond to messages, and the video appointments always go so well. I truly appreciate her, in a time when I needed someone the most to process through my emotions, and to vent to."

- J.A.