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*(Please note: We only provide Virtual Sessions for Individual, Couples, & Family Sessions)*


Individual therapy is designed to allow you to process and explore your individuality without bias or judgement. You remain the expert of your life, while partnering with a therapist to help you move your life in your desired direction.


  $120/ 1 Hour Session



Whether married, in a partnership, or long-term relationship, couples counseling can be helpful to every committed couple. If you have a good relationship, therapy can provide you with the insights and skills to make it an even more outstanding one; And if your relationship is struggling, therapy can help to promote understanding and solutions for repair and reconnection.


   $150/ 1 Hour Session 


Our practice provides therapeutic services for adolescents age 12 to 18 years old. As children mature and progress through life they may face times when they struggle with understanding their emotions and behaviors, and need help expressing their thoughts and feelings. The goal of counseling is to provide a safe environment where your child can work with a licensed therapist, who can help them grow and be empowered through their experiences, while learning healthy and effective tools to express themselves.

Family sessions are also an integral part of treating the child, and increases the effectiveness of treatment for not only the child but for the family as well. While working with your child, our therapist will coordinate a number of family sessions with the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s), based on the needs of the child and any concerns that the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may be facing at home. 


                                                        $100/ 1 Hour Session 


At Remedy Counseling we are here to help facilitate a setting where family members can share and address their concerns freely in a safe, mediated space. Our therapist will assist by assessing family dynamics to further explore and address root issues to help find resolve for conflict. Our therapist will also provide tools to  communicate more effectively and implement healthy boundaries with one another.


                                                   $175/ 1 Hour Session





Remedy provides consulting, mentorship, and mental health education training for groups and organizations. 


 Please contact us for further information on our consultation and training services

Payment Methods

For your convenience payments can be made via Zelle, Venmo, or through your Insurance provider

We accept the following insurances:

  • Aetna

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  • Cigna

  • Oscar Health

  • Oxford

  • United Healthcare

We use Headway as our billing provider. Headway manages everything related to payments and insurance to make things as easy as possible for you.

A Super Bill can also be provided upon request for medical savings accounts and other insurance billing needs.

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